basic / advanced engineering
software applications
ordering specifications


The configuration is done through the EMATECH Döring & Nehl GmbH & CO. KG after precisely defined quality standards. We are your field worker and project your system according to ISO, KKS- or your factory standard.

Participate in our over the years grown knowledge-spectrum and  our offer of comprehensive services for the engineering design of electrical and MSR-Anlagen considering Ex-Richtlinien (ATEX 100), TRD-, DVGW- regulations and relevant valid DIN/VDE- and UVV-Normen.

Among this effort of engineering other CAE / CAD-based assembly projects, control cabinet documents and ordering-specifications are generated with following contents:

  • I / O point lists
  • flow charts
  • logic plans
  • circuit diagrams and loop's associated with clamping and cable lists
  • route plans
  • occupancy plans
  • order specifications, materials list, etc.